Sunday, September 28, 2014

Looking back at a year of #gyncsm chat Today I Learned's

At the end of each #gyncsm chat, we call on participants to share closing thoughts using TIL, standing for "Today I Learned".  I really enjoyed looking back through them all and below are a selection of my favorites from this past year of monthly chats.

Want more? You can find the running list of TILs from each chat HERE.

TIL: A new way to connect and share with a community of people living with, advocating for and caring for GYN cancers! awesome! @eberrygynonc

TIL: connections in person or online can impact and empower. @joannerash

TIL: again how important it is to ask questions and be your own health advocate. @staunchstudio

TIL: We all have so much to share w/ each other and each conversation helps us all connect better @gyncsm   

Proud of the amazing conversation at #gyncsm tonight. We need to spread GOOD info on gyno cancers. #LetsDoThis. @girlmeetsgeek

that cancer is an umbrella of diseases under which we can all stand TOGETHER and support all! @chemobrainfog

TIL that there’s a website for EVERYTHING! And that I’m not alone in my clinical trials frustrations. @cookifit

TIL (again): There are so many very powerful voices working to decrease stigma and connect those in need of support. @drbeckerschutte

#gyncsm chat is a lifesaver. Its amazing to get opportunities to talk with fellow survivors & professionals freely. Thank you for this! @cookifit

TIL that there are fierce advocates for those with #cervca and that there is HOPE. @brownbeansprout

TIL how much I love the #gyncsm chats and the people it brings together. @cloudhealth

TIL: different viewpoints on clinical trials. Good to see things from a different perspective. Thanks everyone at #gyncsm! @eberrygynonc

TIL that we can learn from each other No need to re-create the wheel! BTW I used TIL as closure when I was teaching 5th grade @myelomateacher

TIL: caregiving + family issues can be as complex as the clinical issues. It's a team effort @rzeiger

Brilliant TIL: impt that clinicians recognize cancer is social dz. Stop, ask how the loved ones are doing. @gfry

cancer is hard for everyone. Patient, caregiver.Partner & children. No right or wrong. Just be a loving unit is my final thought @brcainfo

TIL: Reminded there is power in knowing you are not alone in whatever you are facing and that others are there for you. @btrfly12      

TIL continual imptce of being ur own advocate:key to survival and NEGU (never ever giving up) @jtriestm

TIL GYNCSM is a diverse body with many different and wonderful suggestions to approach the same issue. @journeycancer        

TIL that despite all SHE's facing, my wife still has love and patience when I'M upset, and maybe I should be more OK with showing it @simpson1290

TIL so happy I was able to participate tonight, you all are amazing and I'm so grateful to have this forum, take care :) @rose_mzrozee

TIL: too many to list...great advice/sharing from great people! #endcancer @natedahlpharmd

TIL - we have a huge opportunity to educate our gyn ca providers to address sexuality and fertility issues early and often @shannonwestin

Cancer needs a multi-dimensional approach with a muti-disciplinary team covering multiple issues. A challenge but can be overcome! @giasison

TIL once again, patients need to be their own health advocates. Never assume. Ask questions. Explore all options @jbbc        

"For the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient." Francis Peabody <-- the whole patient @subatomicdoc    

Til - there are wonderful hcp and patients exchanging ideas and touching on topics that rarely get discussed #gyncsm thanks everyone @natricer

appreciate greatly everyone sharing an hr to educate, inform & support those with cancer. & related issues - so thrilled to peek in! @natricer

TIL important for patients and providers alike to use coping mechanisms and ask for help @shannonwestin

TIL I'm not alone in my fear of recurrence. Knowledge is power. Staying connected even after treatment is important. @intakeme

TIL: Integrated whole person care is essential in all disease communities. @drbeckerschutte

TIL: being an advocate is important. Everyone can do something & make a difference in another persons life. I will never stop doing! @brcainfo

TIL Those on #gyncsm can change the status quo. #communities are more important than ribbons... or ice buckets. @drdonsdizon      

TIL: There are so many ways to advocate for yourself and others - don't be afraid to ask questions and find the right MD for you @shannonwestin

This year I learned: people in the gyn cancer community could find each other and come together to support and educate each other @womenofteal

TIL: The best learnings come from sharings of what each & every one of us go through. And for that I'm forever grateful. @giasison

TIL: @gyncsm has been a great resource for gynecologic cancer advocacy for a solid year. Happy anniversary! @drmarkham            

Thanks for the great chat everyone! A very happy anniversary #gyncsm! Together, we can make a difference. @globeathon  

I'm excited for another year of sharing and learning with #gyncsm.
Christina Lizaso

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