Friday, October 3, 2014

Topic Questions for our Oct 8th Chat

Wednesday's ( October 8, 2014 at 9pm EST) #gyncsm chat topic will be "Recurrence- What Now?".

Here are the questions that we will be asking during the chat. You will see that some questions are addressed to health care providers and some are directed toward those dealing with a gyn cancer diagnosis and their caregivers. 

T1A: What are the signs of recurrence for the main GYN cancer types & how is recurrence confirmed? 
T1B: If you had a recurrence, what signs/ symptoms did you have? Please include in answer which gyn cancer you had.

T2A: How likely is a GYN cancer recurrence and where might the recurrence occur?
T2B: If you had a recurrence, where did your recurrence occur? Please share cancer type in your tweet.

T3A: What treatments might be offered for a recurrence? Different than first-line?

T3B: Survivors: What factors did U consider when choosing a treatment 4 recurrence? Did U consider #clinicaltrials? join trial?
T3C: From the provider perspective, what factors do you feel patients should consider? How do clinical trials fit in?

T4A: What tips & resources can help patients and families cope w/ the emotional impact of a recurrence? also the fear of recurrence?
T4B: If you had a recurrence, what did you find helpful? Survivors, what helps you cope with fear of recurrence?

We have some exciting news to share with all of you on Wednesday or check this blog on Monday for our announcement. 

See you Wednesday night!


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