Friday, September 19, 2014

#hachat on Ovarian Cancer

Christina and I hosted the WEGO Health ( @wegohealth) health activists chat (#hachat) on Tuesday Sept 16, 2014. The topic of the chat was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. We were joined by 36 other participants for a discussion that ranged from ovarian cancer symptoms to the pelvic exam controversy to were to go for support. 

The topic questions were:

T1: Let’s start by talking generally about ovarian cancer - #ovca. What is it? What are the risks factors?

T2: Why is it important to raise awareness of ovarian cancer during September ( and year round) ? What are you doing to raise awareness?

T3A: Does every gyn cancer have a screening test? What about #ovca?
T3B: If you are an OC survivor did you experience symptoms? What were they?

T4A: There is some controversy about annual Pelvic exams. Let's discuss that a bit.
T4B: Do you think pelvic exams should continue to be used?

T5: Where can newly diagnosed women with ovarian cancer or other gyn cancer go for information and support?

You can find a transcript of the chat here. Resources shared can be found below. 

Thank you WEGO Health for the invitation to share ovarian cancer information with your community of health activists. 



Ovarian Cancer information

OC Risks/ Hereditary Cancer Risks NOCC

Statistics OCNA 

Colleen's Dream Foundation Fact Sheet OC

Symptom Diary

Ovarian Cancer Studies

Articles - Pelvic Exams 
Most Women Don’t Need Regular Pelvic Exams via @USNews 
Healthy Women Do Not Need Routine Pelvic Exams via @washingtonpost
The Dispute Over Annual Pelvic Exams via @nytimes
What You Need to Know About New Pelvic Exam Guidelines via @TodayShow 

Susan Gubar - Memoir of a Debulked Woman

OVCA Organization Twitter Accounts

Support resources

Online peer support & info-sharing sites with #ovca groups: @smart_patients @teaminspire

List of gyn cancer blogs

Survivor Stories on Gyncsm Blog

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