Monday, September 22, 2014

Help Us Plan- The Gyncsm Survey

Last month Christina and I had a Google Hangout. I live in NJ and she lives in Texas. So for the past year we have been communicating strictly via e-mail.  This was the first time we talked face to face since we founded the #gyncsm chat.

We talked about celebrating the community's one year anniversary and what we could do to enhance the community experience ( more about that in October). We also discussed who participates in the monthly chat and how to increase the number of  @gyncsm followers who participate in the chat. As we began generating a list of topics to cover during our  2015 #gyncsm chats we realized that we should ask our participants what topics were important to them in 2014, what topics they liked best from 2014 and how they used the information they learned by taking part in our chats.

So over the next few weeks we developed the questions and asked our health care moderators for their input regarding which questions to use in the final 10 question survey.

During our September 10th chat Christina tweeted an invitation to fill out the survey. Twenty-two people to date have completed the survey. Thank You!

If you haven't completed the survey, please take the time today to go to the link below

and answer the questions. The survey is open to all- healthcare providers, caregivers, patients, survivors, researchers.  We are listening and your input is valuable to us as we plan future chats. Thanks again.

See you on October 8th ( 9pm EST) for our chat on Recurrence.


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