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SGO Annual Meeting Research Review and ASK the Docs - April 12, 2017

During this month's chat we discussed research reported on at the 2017 SGO Annual Meeting. We had 29 participants and over 1.5 million impressions.

If you would like to read the complete transcript please visit this Symplur webpage. Analytics may be found here.

Below please find some sample answers to the questions we asked during the chat.

T1: What #SGOMtg presentations did you personally find of most interest? Also, what were some of the "hot topics" of discussion?
  • PARP inhibitors for RX of #ovariancancer continue to be a hot topic at #SGOMtg
  • Was glad to see the study re: the HPV vaccine dosing - supporting that it can be reduced from 3 doses to 2
  • lots of imp news. See my OCRFA SGO report
  • Very interesting to see the activity of #PARPi across all pts regardless of #BRCA status. Strongest effect in #BRCA mutant or HRD
  • Sadly, maintenance treatment with taxanes in the upfront setting for #ovariancancer did not improve survival compared to placebo
  • Sexual Health Ed Forum w/Don Dizon & Joanne Rush fantastic! tech info + how to talk abt sex & feelings abt talking abt sex 
T2: Which #SGOMtg studies do you think will most interest patients? Were there findings survivors need to take immediate note of? 

T3: What was the #Trials4GynCancerNow campaign which took part during the #SGOMtg? How does gyn cancer trial access impact care? 
  • Fewer trials means slower progress. Also means less access to novel therapies for patients who have limited options. #gyncsm 
  • Our #gyncsm blog post
  •  restructuring cooperative groups impacted number too
  • This is a huge issue - #GynCancers are no longer the priority of the cooperative group
  • 90% reduction in phase 3 clinical trial participation is startling to me
T4: What was something you learned or were reminded of during #SGOMtg that you plan to implement or follow-up on? 
  • earlier palliative care study was important for patients to hear as well as health care providers
  • This has been shown in multiple cancer types - earlier palliative care involvement yields better outcomes
  • palliative (or supportive) care is valuable in dealing w/ side effects of cancer and treatment no matter where in journey
  • There is a big push 4 pt reported outcomes - a great way to measure impact on #QOL - especially when drugs have similar outcomes 
T5: For our last topic, we'll let our participants ask questions they have about gynecologic cancer research. Also, what do you want to see research resources focused on? what are some gaps in research?
  •  So many approved PARPi for treatment and maintenance, is there a preferred order of use? What do we know about serial PARPi S/Es? These are questions that we need to answer- there are a few differences in first use side effects - we don't know about serial 
  • I'm wondering what the mood was like about the future of cancer research funding and the cancer moonshot initiative? I know the young researchers at my NCI Comprehensive Ca center were worried about support.
  • Is any research being done on psych wellbeing, supportive care mindfulness etc combined with meds? I tend to see studies like that coming out of Oncology Nursing Society ONS 
  • I'd like to see more resources dedicate to ensuring current research can be more easily implemented in practice
  • Good to see some research on rarer gyn cancers like this one on Vulvar cancer 
Abstracts from the SGO Annual Meeting may be found at
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Patients and caregivers are invited to continue our discussion on the Smart Patients platform at

We hope you will join us on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 as we discuss Womanhood, Femininity and Cancer. 

See you then.

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