Friday, April 7, 2017

April 12th Chat: SGO Annual Meeting Research Review and ASK the Docs

This month's #gyncsm chat, on April 12th at 9:00pm EST, will focus on research news from the 2017 SGO Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer including a segment we call ASK the DOC. 

The SGO (Society of Gynecologic Oncology) Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer (#SGOmtgwas held in National Harbor, MD on March 12th to the 15th. You may access the meeting agenda, speakers and presentations by visiting:

We will begin our chat on Wednesday by discussing research results reported at this year's annual meeting and then have participants "ask our Docs" questions. 

These questions will guide our chat: 

T1: What #SGOMtg presentations did you personally find of most interest? Also, what were some of the "hot topics" of discussion?

T2: Which #SGOMtg studies do you think will most interest patients? Were there findings survivors need to take immediate note of? 

T3: What was the #Trials4GynCancerNow campaign which took part during the #SGOMtg? How does gyn cancer trial access impact care? 

T4: What was something you learned or were reminded of during #SGOMtg that you plan to implement or follow-up on? 

T5: For our last topic, we'll let our participants ask questions they have about gynecologic cancer research.

If you would like a preview of some of the research presented at the meeting, please read this excellent report on Highlights from the 2017 Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer by research advocate, Annie Ellis (@Stigetta) or visit the Cure Magazine Conference page for eleven articles discussing research presented at the meeting. Or view the Foundation for Womens Cancer video below. 

See you on the 12th!

Co-moderator #gyncsm 


  1. Do I just come back to this page on the 12th or how do I access the chat?

  2. To take part in the chat visit on the 12th.
    You may set up an account if you want to be able to comment. If you just want to follow along you can enter #gyncsm in the search box and hit latest on the top menu bar. New tweets with the hashtag #gyncsm will appear in the window.
    This link tells you how to participate in a chat
    This link tells you how to get started on Twitter.
    We hope to see you tomorrow night.