Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Chat - Getting Involved in Research Advocacy (12/14)

In the past our community has chatted about advocating for yourself and others and about being a gyn cancer advocate. This month on Wednesday, December 14 at 9pmET (8pmCT/6pmPT) we would like to extend the advocacy topic to include how those impacted by a gynecologic cancer can become involved in cancer research and become a research advocate.

Our guest this month will be Elda Railey (@RANAdvocate) from Research Advocacy Network (RAN). You can read more about Elda, a founder of RAN, here.

We invite all those who are already research advocates and all those who want to learn about getting involved with research and becoming a research advocate to join the discussion, which will be guided by these topic questions:

T1: Beyond enrolling in clinical trials, what are some of the ways people can get involved with cancer research?

T2: How can patients and advocates keep up with research? What resources are out there to help us better understand the science?

T3: What does being a "research advocate" involve? How has this role changed as overall patient influence has grown?

T4: How can people start to get involved with grant review, clinical trials design, research dissemination, and/or conferences?

T5: What are some tips when it comes to reaching out to Congress about cancer research? What has shown to be effective?

In addition to the resources found on the Research Advocacy Network site you may also visit the AACR website's page on Becoming a Advocate for Medical Research.

We look forward to seeing you on the 14th for our final chat of 2016.

Dee and Christina
Co-founders #gyncsm Community

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