Friday, September 4, 2015

Our 2nd Anniversary Chat 9/9/15 : GCAM and a Spotlight on Uterine Cancer

Christina and I want to thank our health care moderators, supporters and chat participants for being a part of the #gyncsm community. This month marks our Second Anniversary and we would not be an active vibrant community without your help and support.

This month we will be talking about Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and will also chat about uterine (endometrial) cancer. We are pleased to be joined by Lynne Braden (see her story here on our blog), uterine (endometrial) cancer survivor and founder of GynCAN (Gynecological Cancer Awareness Network). We are also pleased to be joined by Carrie Oliveira, uterine (endometrial) survivor and founder of The Iris Foundation.

The questions guiding our chat include:

T1: Let’s start with Gyn Cancer Awareness Month #GCAM. What do you wish others knew about your gyn cancer? What are some key points?

T2: Share ways you are raising awareness during #GCAM, everything small to big. Let's replicate great ideas and amplify the message!

T3: What are the #uterinecancer #endometrialcancer risks and symptoms? Survivors, what symptoms did you experience? How diagnosed? 

T4: What treatments are used for #uterinecancer #endometrialcancer? Which side effects have the biggest impact?

T5: Why do you advocate for yourself and others? How has your life changed because of a gyn cancer diagnosis?

For more information about uterine (endometrial) cancer, please view this video by the Foundation for Women's Cancer.

We hope you can join us on September 9, 2015 at 9pm EST.

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