Friday, September 6, 2013

Etiquette Tips

updated 9/16/13

We are looking forward to having you join our Gynecologic Cancer Social Media chat next Wednesday Sept 11th at 9pm EST.

For those new to twitter and chats please remember you may just lurk. When you are ready and feel comfortable you will find that you will be commenting and asking questions like a pro.

Before we get started I would like to share some tips on how to make our time together a supportive, positive experience for all.

Etiquette Tips

Be Respectful: We all know that dealing with gynecologic cancer is not easy and our experiences will vary. Please be respectful of the opinions and experiences of other participants. Do not use profanity. Do not type in all caps. Verbal attacks on individuals or organizations with opposing viewpoints will not be tolerated.

Keep Some Information to Yourself: Please avoid using the names of your doctors or family members during the discussion. Feel free to use : DH = Dear (or Darling) Husband, DW = Dear Wife, DS = Dear Son DD = Dear Daughter, MIL = Mother-in-Law, FIL = Father-in-Law, SO = Significant Other, P = Partner.  Or for health care providers you may use PCP = Personal care physician ONC =  oncologist, GYNO = gynecologic Oncologist , RO=Radiation Oncologist, N =  Nurse , NP = Nurse Practitioner. If you wonder where another person was treated or who their doctor was please tweet to them without the #gyncsm hashtag or direct message them.

Don’t toot your own horn: Please do not self-promote during the hour chat. Feel free to share your book, event, project, fundraiser etc at the conclusion of the chat.

Keep on Topic: Please try to stay on topic. Side conversations are distracting and make a crowded discussion difficult to follow.

Give Credit: If you are sharing another person’s idea give them credit and share their Twitter name. And it is perfectly ok to compliment someone for an idea. But please try to keep the RT’s to a minimum to keep the conversation moving along.

Find Your Place: If you join us a bit late that is ok. Just jump right into the conversation on the topic we are currently discussing. No need to go back to the first discussion topic. This might cause some confusion to others.

Privacy or Lack there of:  Remember that what you write on Twitter is public. So anyone including all your followers will see what you are posting to the chat. Please read our Tweet Disclaimer for more complete information.

We know that there may not be enough time to get to every question or comment that may be raised but we hope that you will find value in the insight and comments of others. Remember you may reach out to us at

We are looking forward to spending time with all of you. 

See you Wednesday night!


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