Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recurrence - What Now? October 2014 Chat

Tonight our topic was "Recurrence- What Now". It was a lively discussion with health care providers and researchers  providing information and survivors sharing a variety of thoughts about having a recurrence from dealing with the fear of recurrence to how they chose their treatments after recurring.

We had thirty-seven participants and 435 tweets in the hour. You can find a copy of the transcript here and analytics here.

The topic questions we presented:

T1A: What are the signs of recurrence for the main GYN cancer types & how is recurrence confirmed? 
T1B: If you had a recurrence, what signs/ symptoms did you have? Please include in answer which gyn cancer you had.
T2A: How likely is a GYN cancer recurrence and where might the recurrence occur?
T2B: If you had a recurrence, where did your recurrence occur? Please share cancer type in your tweet.
T3A: What treatments might be offered for a recurrence? Different than first-line?
T3B: Survivors: What factors did U consider when choosing a treatment 4 recurrence? Did U consider #clinicaltrials? join trial?
T3C: From the provider perspective, what factors do you feel patients should consider? How do clinical trials fit in?
T4A: What tips & resources can help patients and families cope w/ the emotional impact of a recurrence? also the fear of recurrence?
T4B: If you had a recurrence, what did you find helpful? Survivors, what helps you cope with fear of recurrence?

Please scroll down for the Resources shared during the chat.

Remember that you can continue this conversation or ask questions about the topic on Smart Patients. Be sure to use our link  -
to be connected to our community and its discussions. This platform is open to those impacted by cancers and their caregivers and families only. Please read our post for more information.

Next month's tweet chat topic will be Alternative and Complimentary Therapies. Please join us on November 12, 2014 at 9pm EST.

See you in November,

Co-founder/Co-moderator #gyncsm Chat

Recurrence Resources

All Gyn Cancers: 
SGO article on Gyn Cancer Surveillance -

Addressing Fear of Cancer Recurrence -

Psychological responses to cancer recurrence @DrZVO

Clinical trials - OCRF -
                      - OCNA
                      - EmergingMed

"Autonomy" Dr Don Dizon

Online Support :

When Cancer Comes Back: Cancer Recurrence via @AmericanCancer

Tech Times  3 in 10 Cancer PatientsStruggling with Anxiety, Depression

Dealing with Cancer Recurrence Cancer.Net

SURVIVORSHIP: Six Tips for Managing Fear of Cancer Recurrence. Via MSKCC

Ovarian Cancer Recurrence: 



Risk of recurrence chart

Recurrence guide @NOCC_National

Top 10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Connect with Other Survivors OCNA

Hope Annie Ellis

Drug Combo Shows Promise for Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

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