Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TIL - What We've Learned in the Past Year

If you have joined us for any of our chats you know that for the last ten minutes or so of each chat we ask participants to complete the phrase, Today I learned... which we fondly call TIL.

Since we celebrated our third anniversary this month, we thought we would share some of those completed phrases from each of the past year's chats.

September 2015 Gyn Cancer Awareness Month - Spotlight Uterine and Endometrial Cancers
TIL if even one woman with symptoms reads this tweet chat & goes to doctor as a result.... I'll be a happy person @darlakbrown

TIL to remember the importance of education for women,men on gyn cancers, starting in the schools. To Advocate for that too. & more @alenegonebad

October 2015 Open Mic
TIL U can get patients,survivors,researchers,docs in tweet chat room with no planned ?'s & they can have imp insightful conversation @womenofteal

TIL what a wide range of concerns and knowledge women bring with them to #gyncsm @robinsmrtptient

November 2015 Nutrition and Exercise
TIL: @DanaFarber has a nutrition app! @livestrong

Remember to take nutrition and exercise like anything else: some days will be better than others @edicksonmd

December 2015 Looking Back and Looking Forward
TIL: Self care is essential to be able to care for others @shannonwestin

TIL ( but really knew already) GYNCSM is a great group committed to advocacy and education for women's cancer survivors @journeycancer

January 2016 Taking Care of our Caregivers
TIL: Caregivers and patients share feelings of guilt about taking _needed_ time for breaks and self-care. @drbeckershutte

TIL: Just as important to care for the caregiver as it is to care for the patient - best chance for success! @shannonwestin

February 2016 Rare GYN Cancers: Vulvar, Vaginal and Fallopian Tube
TIL Just a reminder from my side of things: Having any rare cancer can be especially scary and isolating because you lack mentors. @drbeckershutte

TIL Advocacy for each gynecologic cancer is stronger when we work together. Thanks all for coming and learning tonight. @btrfly12

March 2016 Genetic Counselors and Understanding GYN Cancer Risk
TIL Knowing that gen counselors have this valuable info could help many patients who may not know/think of that resource. @robinsmrtptient

Genetics is an integral part of cancer prevention. Know your genetics. Get to know a GC. @GeneticCouns @maryfreivogel

April 2016 Re-envisioning Ovarian Cancer Survivorship
TIL I learned how important it is to have discussions surrounding treatment & aftercare so women can learn from each other. #gyncsm #BWSU @blkwomenstandup

TIL: Keep placing personal QOL needs front & center while supporting pts in decision-making. Real needs more valuable than paper @cbushrn

May 2016 Getting Social with your Health
TIL that those dx with cancer can use Social Media to feel connected, learn information, learn what ?'s to ask and support others #gyncsm @womenofteal

TIL about ASCO's COSMO initiative but was unsurprised to see that they still are struggling with quality of life as an outcome #gyncsm @alenegonebad

June  2016 What’s New in GYN Cancer Research
TIL there are oppty for pts to give input to clinical trials. Want to learn more about that and how to connect pts w those opptys @elisabethcramer

TIL: progress, but more work to be done, excited to be able to use FDA approved drugs for disease sites, luv survivorship data @crmillergo

July 2016 Spirituality and Quality of Life
TIL, from a very insightful community, what spirituality means & how others embrace & develop it, esp in challenging times @embosu

TIL (again/as ever) that virtual community is REAL community. I was so tired and pained today. Feel so much better now, thank you! @meredithgould

August 2016 Shared Decision Making and Patient-Centered Care
TIL: #SDM and #PCC are really like "Stone Soup" - everyone needs to put something in! @robinsmrtptient

TIL: PCC is a process, and we can encourage SDM through listening, mutual education, asking more questions @embosu

September 2016 Gyn Cancer Advocacy and #GYNCSM Goals/Aspirations
TIL that time flies, with tweet chats as well as kids. How can it be three years already? And that there is so much more to do. @drbeckershutte

TIL: (knew) How special Dee and Christina for creating this wonderful community - now we need to reach more gyn cancer survivors!  @shannonwestin

Thank you everyone who has joined us during the past year. We look forward to learning and growing in the year ahead.

Dee and Christina 
#gyncsm Co-founders

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