Friday, August 5, 2016

Shared Decision Making / Patient-Centered Care- August #gyncsm chat

Have you sat with your doctor to discuss what are the next steps in your treatment plan? Has your health care team asked you, "What are your goals? ". Have they given you a choice regarding follow-up tests? Have they suggested clinical trials or complimentary therapies? Have you been asked about your experience after a treatment? Physicians - Do you explain treatment outcomes in lay terms with your patients when helping them decide on a treatment? Do you refer your patients to a support group or therapist so their emotional needs are met? Nurses - Do you relay information a patient has shared with you so that accommodations can be made? These are the types of discussions that lay the groundwork for patient-centered care and shared decision making.

Maybe you've been involved in such discussions and didn't even know the terms for it or that there are people advocating for these ideas in healthcare. Maybe this is just the sort of care you have been looking for. Either way, we hope you will join us on August 10 at 9pm ET as we discuss Shared Decision Making and Patient-Centered Care. Our guest for this important chat is Kara Rayburn from the Patient Empowerment Network. She will be tweeting as @power4patients.

These questions will help guide our chat. 

T1: What would patient-centered care (PCC) look like for you? (for appointments, lab results, treatment, surgery, medical records, etc.)

T2: What is Shared Decision Making (SDM) in healthcare all about? Where can people learn more? What are tips for making it work?

T3: What value does a patient-centered care (PCC) / shared decision making (SDM) approach bring to patients, families and providers?

T4: How can patient-centered care (PCC) and shared decision making (SDF) improve care at end-of-life?

T5: Have you seen PCC and/or SDM put into practice? What has worked well? How have you benefited?

T6: What are some of the barriers to PCC and SDM? How open to these concepts are the medical community? 

If you want to do some reading prior our chat, we recommend Marie Ennis-O'Connor's recent article 
A Person Centered Approach To The Care of Chronic Illness on the Patient Empowerment Network website. 

We look forward to seeing you later this month. 

#gyncsm co-founder

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