Friday, August 12, 2016

#Dazzle4Rare Campaign

The #gyncsm community supports women diagnosed with a number of gynecologic cancers that are considered by the NIH to be rare diseases. In an effort to raise awareness that Ovarian, Endometrial/Uterine, Fallopian Tube, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, Vaginal and Vulvar Cancers are rare diseases, #gyncsm supports the #Dazzle4Rare campaign. You can join the effort too. Read the post below which originally appeared on the HESA website ( and join us as we support #Dazzle4Rare during the week of August 15th - 21st. 

Here's something from #gyncsm that you can share:
  • Let's #Dazzle4Rare - Learn about some of the rare gynecologic cancers #gyncsm
Click here to join the #Dazzle4Rare thunderclap.

#Dazzle4Rare Social Media Campaign

During the week of August 15th through the 21st HESA is going to #Dazzle4Rare. We will be tweeting, posting, liking, and sharing for rare disease. It’s projected that 1 in 10 people suffer from a rare disease []. It’s also projected that there are at least six to seven thousand rare diseases. With 10% of the population suffering from between six and seven thousand rare diseases, it’s hard for any one rare disease group to spread awareness of their condition.

We can band together as a wider, greater community and spread awareness together and for each other. We can join hands and reach around the globe to share our messages with those who would otherwise never hear about many of these conditions. The more we speak up and speak out, the more likely we are to reach those who may need to hear our message the most.

Tag your selfies. Tell your rare disease story. Share someone else’s rare disease story. Raise awareness.

If you would like to join our #Dazzle4Rare campaign, join our discussion group. We’d love to hear your ideas, see your posts, and find out more about your organization! Let’s dazzle the World and show everyone how rare can shine!

Dee and Christina
Founders, #gyncsm Community

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