Friday, August 7, 2015

Dealing with the Short and Long Term Side Effects of Gyn Cancer Treatments - August Chat

In last year's survey we asked participants what topics we should cover during this year's chats. A large number of survey takers chose Dealing with Short and Long Term Side Effects. Women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer may have surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or targeted therapies. All of these treatments may lead to side effects - some more common than others. We look forward to sharing information about side effects and ways to deal with them on Wednesday August 12, 2015  ( 9pm EST) .

Here are chat questions:
T1: Let’s start w/ surgery side effects...  Which affected you most? Which do patients say are most impactful? Tips to address?

T2: Now let's talk about chemo. What were your side effects? Which are common? How aware of side effects are patients before start?

T3: What are some of the side effects of radiation? Which did you experience? What are patients most concerned about?

T4: For targeted therapy (TT) - Oliparib, Avastin, etc. - what are the side effects? Different from chemo?

T5: What side effects persist? Have you talked to your provider about them? Other side effects we haven't covered so far?

T6: What impacts are you willing to deal with to get more effective treatment? Have we seen changes in how side effects are managed?

Check out the information on side effects on the Patient Resource (@PRPCancerGuide) website (

We look forward to having you join us for a lively and informative discussion.

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