Friday, May 8, 2015

May Chat : Advances in Personalized Medicine for GYN Cancer

Our October 2013 chat topic was "Genetics and Personalized Medicine". Many new developments and initiatives have occurred since then. During our May 13, 2015 (9pm EST) chat we will provide an update on advances made in personalized medicine and how they impact the care of patients with gynecologic cancers.

In addition to our regular Health Care Moderators, Dr. Scott Richard (@sdr2md) Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Hahnemann University Hospital and Kelly Mellott and Dr. Juan Avila from Helomics™ Corporation (former known as Precision Therapeutics; they will be tweeting as @HelomicsCancer) will join us for this important discussion. Helomics™ Corporation is a healthcare company that develops innovative diagnostics for the oncology field. PLEASE NOTE: Helomics' participation in this chat is NOT an endorsement of the company's products or services by the #gyncsm community or our health care moderators.

The discussion questions are:

T1A: What are some misconceptions you've heard about personalized medicine?
T1B: What personalized medicine options are currently available to gyn cancer patients? What is tested - tumor tissue, blood?
T2: How does genetic testing impact treatment decisions? What genetic tests are recommended for gyn cancers?
T3: How can I discuss personalized medicine options with my cancer care team? What if my doctor doesn't believe in these options?
T4A: How do you think the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative will affect patients/ research?
T4B: What are the challenges to bringing the benefit of personalized medicine to gyn cancer patients? How will patient care change?

To prepare for our discussion you may read  President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative Fact Sheet . Additional articles/resources may be found on the CDC's Public Health Genomics page and on the NCI's Precision Medicine and Targeted Therapy page.

We look forward to having you join our discussion or come and "lurk and learn".

#gyncsm co-founder and co-moderator

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