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Advances in Personalized Medicine for Gyn Cancers - May 13,2015

Forty-five participants joined us for our May chat as we discussed Advances in Personalized Medicine. We were grateful to have Dr. Scott Richard (@sdr2md), Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Hahnemann University Hospital, and Kelly Mellott and Dr. Juan Avila from Helomics™ Corporation (@HelomicsCancer) share their expertise on this important and timely topic. Other participants included our health care moderators, researchers, health care providers, survivors and advocates. Chat analytics may be found here.

I've highlighted just a few of the tweets in response to our discussion questions.

T1A: What are some misconceptions you've heard about personalized medicine?

T1B: What personalized medicine options are currently available to gyn cancer patients? What is tested - tumor tissue, blood?

T2: How does genetic testing impact treatment decisions? What genetic tests are recommended for gyn cancers?

T3: How can I discuss personalized medicine options with my cancer care team? What if my doctor doesn't believe in these options?

T4A: How do you think the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative will affect patients/ research?

T4B: What are the challenges to bringing the benefit of personalized medicine to gyn cancer patients? How will patient care change?

If you want to read more of this informative discussion you may find the transcript here .

A list of resources shared by participants during the chat may be found at the end of this post.  

We hope you will join us on June 10, 2015 as we join with #hpm for a chat on Palliative Care. And be sure to watch for #gyncsm in tweets reporting the latest from the ASCO Annual meeting (#ASCO15, May 29-June 2).

#gyncsm co-founder and co-moderator


Precision Medicine and Targeted Therapy overview via @theNCI:

Overview of immunotherapy tactics and trials for cervical and ovarian

@myriadgenetics: Companion Diagnostics Visit

Personalized Cancer Therapy - MD Anderson

Organizations active w/ GYN cancer Precision Medicine @HelomicsCancer @ClearityFnd @FoundationATCG @myriadgenetics @carisls @AmbryGene

Research explores new, personalized #ovariancancer treatments

National Society of Genetics Counselors

ASCO 2015 abstract PM and endometrial cancer- more to learn
ASCO abstract for PM and cervical cancer
ASCO abstract for ovarian cancer and PM

@CancerTodayMag article lists good questions to ask your Doctor

How to Talk so your Doctor Will Listen (not specific to PM)

Patient resource for PM / olaparib treatment for #ovariancancer

Helomics™ Corporation :
patient section currently
questions for your doctor for #ovariancancer:
checklist to talk to your doctor for #endometrialcancer or #uterinecancer:

“Personalizedmedicine is a game changer – it’s the future of medicine.”video
#ovariancancer patient discussing PM

@permedcoalition The Case for Personalized Medicine - 4th Edition w/ Drugs/Relevant Gene Chart
Pg 6: % pts whose tumors driven by certain mutations could be targets for specific drugs, by cancer type

Bombarded w/Changes in Health Care & Beyond, Gyn Oncologists Prepare for the Challenges Ahead…

Fact Sheet President's Precision Medicine Initiative :

#PARP inhibitors: A new era of targeted therapy #ovariancancer

Image of key pathways in #ovca

Immune-Based Treatment Shows Promise against Metastatic Cervical Cancer

ovarian cancer FANG vaccine

SGO genetic testing in gyn cancers: ovarian cancer
SGO Lynch testing statement for endometrial cancer
SGO statement on Next Gen multi- gene sequencing panels

Saving Tumor Tissue @OCRF Webinar

@OncLive Search for Immune-specific biomarkers is in full swing:

Imprecise marketing of precision medicine: Advertising may be running ahead of science

Lecture by Dr. Funda Meric-Bernstam  MDACC

Liquid Biopsies may change cancer care #gyncsm

@WSJhealth : A New Way to Use Old Tools Against #OvarianCancer

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