Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"No One Ever Told Me..." - March 11,2015 Chat

We are happy to have had so many survivors join us this evening. There was a lively fast paced discussion  among our forty-two participants as they answered these questions:

T1A: For patients/survivors/loved ones, share "No one ever told me  ___ ". 
T1B: For our healthcare professionals/advocates, what do patients seem to be most surprised about or even blindsided by?

T2A: Are there things you wish you knew before your (or your loved one's) treatment (incl. surgery, chemo, radiation)? 

T2B: Healthcare professionals: What are you surprised that patients don't ask about?

T3: What pre and post surgery and/or pre and post chemo tips seem to help the most or you wish someone had told you?

T4: For those who have completed initial treatment, what do you wish people told you about survivorship - physical & mental? What are the on-going care needs and issues that surprised you or you wish you had more information about beforehand?

Some of the fill-in-the-blanks for "No One Ever Told Me ... " included:

  • Surgical Menopause and its effects
  • Losing ALL your hair
  • Chemobrain
  • Emotional scars
  • Energy levels
  • Family History
  • Fertility options
  • #Scanxiety
  • Radiation Effects
  • I would have to be my own advocate

You may read the entire trancript here. And find additional analytics here

Please scroll down for a list of resources shared during our chat. 

Remember that patients & caregivers are invited to continue our discussion on the Smart Patients platform at .

Mark your calendar for next month's Society of Gynecological Oncologist Annual Meeting  Recap & Ask the Docs chat on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.  We are happy that Dr. William Winter from @nedtheband will join us to discuss news in the field to participate in the  “Ask the Docs” segment.  See you then. 

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