Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Chat: "No One Ever Told Me..."

We invite all gynecologic cancer survivors, caregivers and health care providers to join us for our March Tweet Chat on Wednesday, March 11th, at 9pm EST ( 8pm CST / 7pm MST / 6pm PST). This month we will ask you to share your thoughts on what you (or your patients) wish you knew about gynecologic cancers, treatment and survivorship. We will also ask you to share tips that helped you through the various parts of your life as a survivor / thriver.

We hope these topic questions will provide food for thought. 

T1A: For patients/survivors/loved ones, share "No one ever told me  ___ ". 
T1B: For our healthcare professionals/advocates, what do patients seem to be most surprised about or even blindsided by? 

T2A: Are there things you wish you knew before your (or your loved one's) treatment (incl. surgery, chemo, radiation)? 
T2B: Healthcare professionals: What are you surprised that patients don't ask about?

T3: What pre and post surgery and/or pre and post chemo tips seem to help the most or you wish someone had told you?

T4: For those who have completed initial treatment, what do you wish people told you about survivorship - physical & mental? What are the on-going care needs and issues that surprised you or you wish you had more information about beforehand?

Remember survivors and caregivers can also join the discussion on Smart Patients - before and after the chat. You can sign up at .

We look forward to having a lively discussion. 


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