Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gynecologic Cancer Risk Factors - Jan 14, 2015 Chat

What an great way to start off the New Year. We had 52 participants and over 1.4 M impressions as we chatted about the risk factors for gynecologic cancers.

“A risk factor is anything that increases a person’s chance of developing cancer.” @cancerdotnet

Some of the topics we discussed included the genetic risks of gynecologic cancers (BRCA, Lynch syndrome, Cowden syndrome), DES (diethylstibestrol) exposure, as well as HPV vaccines and cervical cancer.

You may find a transcript of the chat here.

The questions that guided our conversation were:
T1A: Are you aware of the risk factors for gyn cancers? When did you learn them? How have they influenced your health decisions?

T1B: Providers - Have your patients asked you about risk factors before or after diagnosis?

T2: Viral infections caused by HPV virus raise risk for cervical, vaginal & vulvar cancers. What do women & parents need to know?

T3: What is DES (Diethystibestrol)? How are women exposed to the hormone? What are the risks?

T4: Genetics are thought to account for as much as 25% of some GYN cancers. BRCA has received media attn. What are other genetic risks?

T5: Have you tried to reduce your risk for cancer, recurrence or other cancers? What can women do w/ the info about risk factors?

Be sure to check the resources below for links to information on this month's topic. 

We look forward to having you join us for next month's chat Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 9pm EST as we discuss Care Beyond Medical Care with @Reimagine_ME .  

Dee Sparacio


Risk factors for ovarian cancer  from @cancerdotnet
Risk of #ovariancancer.

Risk factors for cervical cancer from @cancerdotnet
10 Cervical #Cancer Risks You May Not Know About:

Risk factors for uterine cancers from @cancerdotnet
Risk factors for endometrial cancer from @MayoClinic
Top 10 risk factors for Endometrial cancer:

Risk factors for fallopian tube cancer @cancerdotnet

Risks for vaginal cancer from @cancerdotnet

Risk for vulvar cancer from @MayoClinic

Risks for GTD @GYNcancer

Risks for #primaryperitoneal cancer @GYNcancer

Genetics of Breast & Ovarian via @LguzzardiM

Cervical Cancer Prevention 

DES Info via @theNCI:
DES Info via @thathealthsite
DES Info via @AmericanCancer:
DES sons

Lynch syndrome:
Lynch syndrome information via @cancerdotnet

Cowden syndrome:
Cowden syndrome information via @cancerdotnet

HPV Myths & Misconceptions with Fact Sheet [updated link 5/2017]
CDC HPV and cancer
Five Things About HPV Every Woman Should Know
What #parents should know about the #HPV vaccine:
American Sexual Health Association:
10 Thinks to Know About HPV Fact Sheet

High Risk / Previvor resources: @facingourrisk @bebrightpink @sharsheret

Unexpected Gynecologic Malignancy Diagnosed After Hysterectomy Performed for Benign Indications
Increased #CervicalCancer Risk Associated With Screening at Longer Intervals.

The Pill and Cancer: What You Should Know via @MDAndersonNews

Tool - family cancer history (from Myriad); 
Tool - family health history (from Surgeon General)

Rick Boulay TEDX talk on cancer bias.

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