Friday, July 7, 2017

What's on your Mind? #gyncsm Open Mic Night

This month we are opening the discussion to topics our participants want to discuss.

What is on your mind?

Are you considering a PARP and want to know more? 
Are you interesting in taking part in a clinical trial but have questions? 
Do you want to know if others are experiencing Quality of Life (QOL) issues like you are?
Do you have questions about seeing a Genetic Counselor for genetic testing?  
Do you want to discuss the results of the Our Way Forward Survey
Do you want to discuss how to communicate with your health care team?
Did you see the latest research on obesity and ovarian cancer and wonder if it applies to you? 
If you are a health care provider, do you wonder how much information your patient wants to hear about their condition?

Join us on July 12th at 9pmET | 8pmCT | 6pmPT and bring your thoughts, questions and comments for our third "Open Mic" #gyncsm session.

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