Friday, June 9, 2017

June 14, 2017 Chat: Radiation Oncology - What is it? When is it used?

This month on Wednesday June 14, 2017, the #gyncsm community will be discussing:

Radiation Oncology - What is it? When is it used? 

There are a number of gynecologic cancers where the treatment protocol includes radiation therapy.

We are pleased that #gyncsm community supporter and #gyncsm Tweet Disclaimer author, Dr. Matthew Katz (@subatomicdoc), will be our guest for this important discussion. Dr. Katz is a radiation oncologist with Radiation Oncology Associates, Lowell Massachusetts. He is a contributor to ASCO Connection and co-founder of the radiation oncology journal club, #radonc and @Rad_Nation. He is also Chair of the Massachusetts Medical Society (@MassMedical) Communications Committee.

Our topic questions are:

T1: What is radiation oncology? How does it work to treat cancer?

T2: Which gynecologic cancers are treated with radiation therapy? Under what circumstances is radiation therapy recommended?

T3: What professionals are involved on the care team for radiation therapy? Who on your team did you find most helpful?

T4a: What are the differences in radiation therapy types for gyn cancer - external, internal, etc.?
T4b: Patients/Survivors/Loved Ones: Were the questions you had about radiation therapy answered for you?

T5: What side-effects and risks are associated w/ pelvic radiation? What tips do you have for controlling side effects? 

T6: What are some things a women can do to take care of herself during radiation treatments? Where can women learn more?

To learn more more about radiation therapy prior to our chat, please read's:
Understanding Radiation Therapy

We look forward to discussing this important topic with our community.

Dee and Christina
#gyncsm Co-founders

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