Friday, January 6, 2017

Jan 11,2017 Joint #gyncsm - #mayacc chat Young Adults: Life Following a Cancer Diagnosis

Although not as common, adolescent and young adult women are diagnosed with gynecologic cancers. Ten percent of the cancers diagnosed in young adults (15-29) are cancers of the female reproductive organs. "Nearly all genital system tumors are carcinomas of the cervix, germ cell tumors of the ovary, and carcinomas of the ovary." (Cancer Epidemiology in Older Adolescents and Young Adults 15 to 29 Years of Age) Of the ~14 million people in the United States living with cancer, one in five is under the age of 40. SEER reports that 72,000 adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year.

We are pleased to have #mayacc (Metastatic and Advanced Young Adult Cancer Community) join us for our January 11, 2017 9pmET #gyncsm chat on Young Adults: Life Following a Cancer Diagnosis.

Below are the topic questions that will guide our discussion.

T1: What are some unique aspects of being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult? What are some helpful resources?

T2: How much health info do you share w/ family, friends, peers at school/work? What are some of the "labels" you encounter?

T3a: In your experience, do providers discuss and provide resources related to surgical menopause? What's important to know?
T3b: In your experience, do providers discuss and provide resources related to fertility preservation? What's important to know?

T4: What is helpful in dealing with the uncertainty cancer brings while still planning ahead?

T5: What are some tips for creating balance among the priorities of health, personal life and career/education?

T6: What are some of the roadblocks to working after a cancer diagnosis? 

You can learn more about young adult cancers from these two resources and we hope you join the chat to learn more from individuals and groups with a focus on adolescent and young adult cancer.
    If you want to learn more about how to participate in tweet chats you can read this blog post. We will use both #gyncsm and #mayacc hashtags during this month's tweet chat.

    The #mayacc chats are regularly held on 2nd Tuesdays at 9pmET.

    We look forward to having you join us for the joint #gyncsm #mayacc chat on Wednesday, January 11th at 9pmET.

    Co-Founder #gyncsm

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