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June 8, 2016: What's New in Gyn Cancer Research

Thirty-four #gyncsm community members chatted about What's New in Gyn Cancer Research.  Our discussion focused on research presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual Meeting (#SGOmtg) held March 19-22 in San Diego, the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (#AACR16) held April 16-20 in New Orleans, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (#ASCO16) held June 3-7 in Chicago.

You may find the transcript here and the chat analytics here

We began our chat by remembering our friend and supporter of #gyncsm, Jody Schoger, #bcsm co-founder. She was an amazing advocate. 

Topic Questions / Sample Response Tweets: 

T1:Do you research new treatments and studies online? Do you follow scientific meetings like #SGOmtg, #AACR16 and #ASCO16? 

  • I participate in twitter to inform patients and families of key findings from meetings using #SGOMtg #ASCO16 #AACR16
  • A caution in keeping up with research is how long it can take for studies to lead to any change in practice guidelines
  • Plus I want to be prepared with what options I will have if I recur again
  • I find @ASCOPost emails useful.

T2:GOG 252 did not support a previous study which showed IP chemo benefit (tough treatment for many). How does this change things? 
  • #ASCO16 session on GOG252 Walker: Median PFS all three arms GOG252 similar
  • There is still a benefit for IP chemo - demonstrated in 3 large randomized trials We need to understand who benefits most
  • Yes, Dr Gourley mentioned 3 Pos studies(GOG 104,114,172), 1 neg(252)
  • I feel more confident telling patients that if they want the benefits of GOG172, we have to at least try the same regimen 
  • #ASCO16 session on GOG252 Mackay-“unresolved issues” 
T3:In the hot topics of immunotherapy, precision medicine, and genetics, which #SGOmtg/ #AACR16/ #ASCO16 research excited you? 
  • adv endometrial cancer : everolimus, letrozole,metformin showed clinical benefit in ph 2study 
  • I'm very excited about the interest & research on hereditary cancers and how to use this to guide targeted therapy-new options! 
  • Pembrolizumab:well tolerated, showed antitumor activity pts w/ PD-L1+ adv cervical squamous cell cancer.
  • Precision medicine for Gyn disease is finally taking root. It not only bevucizumab anymore
  • Kurian: Genes mutations in #ovca article
  •  Liquid biopsies (look for circulating tumor DNA in blood) 4 screening and during treatment talked about 
  • There was a clear theme of trying to find out who are the responders to a given Rx - understanding the pts that benefit the most
T4: What studies reported at #ASCO16 in palliative care, survivorship, and psychosocial research could help gyn cancer survivors? 
  • The data on early involvement of palliative care should be able to be extrapolated to gyn cancer patients and caregivers
  • QOL may predict survival in recurrent #ovca @ASCOpost - 
  • Real studies on improving chemo induced. Neuropathy with PT
  • Qol: older long term #ovca survivors better QOL than younger
  • It was great to see presentations beyond standard chemo treatment. ASCO. It's not just about chemo
T5: As "patient-centered" research becomes more accepted, what do you see as the role of the patient in future cancer research?
  • Been great to see White House precision medicine efforts. workshop this week: Engaging participants as partners in research
  • Let's start with adding quality of life components to all studies.
  • Being more patient-centered means looking beyond overall survival endpoints. Also need patients in design of studies to reach.
  • This from #SGOmtg patient-centered research: Accepting treatment w/ Side Effects change as Goals Change
  • Patients see so much in the practical side of clinical trials that trial designers don't think about.
  • I would love to see advocates on irb. And involved in trial design

Our next #gyncsm chat is on  Wednesday  July13th  at 9pmET when we will discuss Spirituality and Quality of Life with guest @MeredithGould of #hlthsp. We hope you can join us. 

Remember patients and caregivers are invited to continue our discussion on the Smart Patients platform at

See you next month!

Dee Sparacio
Co-founder #gyncsm Community and Chat

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researchers going directly to metastatic breast cancer patients.

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