Friday, January 8, 2016

First #gyncsm Chat of 2016- Caring for the Caregiver

Happy New Year !

Almost two years ago we hosted a chat on the Impact of Gyn Cancers on Caregivers and Family Members.  We discussed how caregivers, unpaid loved ones caring for someone diagnosed with a GYN cancer / serious illness, could help their loved ones. We also shared a number of resources and toolboxes for caregivers.

It has been said, "to take care of others one must take care of yourself" so this month on Wednesday January 13, 2016, we return to our conversation about caregivers in a Caring for the Caregiver chat. We are pleased that Denise Brown ( @caregiving) from will be joining us at 9pm to share her insights and advice.  We invite all caregivers and survivors as well as healthcare professional interested in supporting caregivers to join us.

Questions to guide our discussion include:

T1: What would you share with those new to caregiving? What do you wish you or your caregiver had known about the caregiving role?

T2: Being a caregiver 24/7 is draining. What have you done to prevent “burn-out” -  for yourself or your loved one?

T3: Caregivers-What do you wish your loved one spoke to you about? Survivors-Why is it difficult for you to talk to your caregiver?

T4A: Caregivers "wear many hats". What are some of those roles? Which seem to be the most challenging? 
T4B: What are some tips and tools for keeping everything coordinated - healthcare, house, family, etc.?

T5: Where do caregivers go for support? Do you connect with other caregivers? What are some helpful resources for caregivers?

In preparation for our chat you may read many helpful tips for caregivers on the Cancer.Net webpages Caring for a Loved One .

We look forward to seeing our long time followers and welcome new survivors and caregivers to our community for this important discussion. See you then!

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