Friday, December 4, 2015

Looking Back ...Looking Forward - December 9, 2015 Chat

Over the past twelve months the #gyncsm community has grown. We've partnered with Smart Patients, included more guests in our chats, and conducted a joint chat with the #hpm community. We've seen an increase in the number of chat participants (averaging 47 participants per chat) and had well over 1 million impressions in a majority of our chats.

Embracing this season of reflection, this month's #gyncsm chat topic is Looking Back… Looking Forward. Join us on Wednesday December 9,2015 at 9pm ET/8CT/6PT.

We'll give our participants - survivors, caregivers, advocates, health care providers and researchers alike - a chance to Look Back at their year on a personal level and as part of our community. Then we will Look Forward to 2016 and what new things we can can do as individuals and as a chat community.

Our topic questions will include:

T1: What are some things you did in 2015 that brought you satisfaction? What steps have improved your overall quality of life? 

T2: Is there something you wish you did differently this year? Do you have plans to try something new in 2016?

T3: What has #gyncsm done well? What do you find most helpful from our chats, posts, blog, etc.?

T4: How might we enhance the #gyncsm community for ALL participants? What would you like to see from #gyncsm in 2016?

T5: How might #gyncsm foster collaboration in the women's cancer space? Topics you'd like to see covered? Ideas to get more people involved?

We hope you will join us and share your past experiences and your hopes for the year to come and for the #gyncsm community.

#gyncsm co-moderator

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