Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 11th : Nutrition and Exercise Chat

This month we had Brooke McMillan from LIVESTRONG (@LIVESTRONG) as well as William Greider (@DanaFarber), Stacy Kennedy (@stacykennedyrd) and Nancy Campbell (@exercise_cancer) from Dana Farber Cancer Center as our guests for this fact-filled and fast-paced discussion of Nutrition and Exercise. This chat's analytics were the best of any chat of 2015 with 88 participants, 823 tweets and over 18,000,000 impressions!

Topic questions and a very small sample of the responses are found below. You can also view a chat recap by @LIVESTRONG here. For additional information on recommended exercises, diet, foods to eat and foods to avoid we recommend reading the complete transcript - available here.

T1: What role does exercise play during treatment? How does it affect quality of life / outcomes? Did you exercise during treatment?

T2: Many gyn cancer patients undergo abdominal surgery. What exercises are recommended in recovery? long term?

T3: What are some resources for patients and survivors about exercise? What programs/exercises have helped you most?

T4: We periodically hear news about sugar and cancer...  Does sugar feed cancer? Should we avoid all sugar? Why do we need sugar?

T5: Are there specific foods GYN cancer patients should avoid? What's being discovered re: nutrition and gyn cancers? 
T6: For cancer survivors, is nutrition more about finding balance or it is more about cutting certain things altogether? Tips?

Please scroll down for Resources shared during the chat. And remember that you may continue our conversation about nutrition and exercise on Smart Patients (

We want to thank all participants in this chat both regulars (patients/survivors/healthcare providers) and new community members.  We look forward to having you join us on December 9, 2015 at 9pmET | 8pmCT | 6pm PT for the Looking Back and Looking Forward chat.




Nutrition for the Person with Cancer - ACS

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Nutrition Recommendations During and After Treatment via @CancerDotNet

ELLICSR cooking class :

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Rehab care plan via @livestrong

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@CancerSupportCm exercise classes

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