Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Palliative Care - a Joint #gyncsm and #hpm chat

This month we were pleased to offer a joint chat with #hpm (Hospice and Palliative Medicine). They also hold a chat the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9pm. The topic for the chat was Palliative Care. We were joined by Dr. Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair) a palliative and hospice medical care physician, editor at Pallimed and #hpm founder; as well as others from the #hpm community.

During the chat we welcomed 55 participants, posted 488 tweets and made 1,631,071 impressions.
The transcript can be found here and the analytics here.

Here are the topic questions and a sampling of the responses:
T1: What does the term "palliative care" mean to you? How do you think palliative care differs from hospice?
T2A: Have you discussed palliative care with your doctor? Who brought it up? How did it make you feel?
T2B: When in the patient's treatment do they tend to get referred to a palliative care specialist? When is ideal?
T3: Are there medical / insurance requirements to obtaining palliative care?
T4: What do you wish you would have known about palliative care? Doc's: What do you wish your patients knew?

T5: For those with experience with palliative care, what were the positives / negatives? 

Remember you can continue our discussion on SmartPatients. (

We look forward to you joining us next month 9pm EST on July 8, 2015 to discuss Dealing With Anxiety.

Co-moderator #gyncsm


SGO article Comprehensive Care in Gynecologic oncology: The importance of Palliative Care

Palliative Care Fact Sheet from the NCI (@NCI).

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Sarcoma Alliance 

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