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SGO Recap & ASK the DOC - April 8, 2015 Chat

Twenty-nine participants joined us to discuss the latest research news from the SGO Annual Meeting held in March. Contributing to our discussion were Dr. Don S. Dizon and Dr. Ann Becker-Schutte, two of #gyncsm's healthcare moderators, as well as Dr. William Winter (NED the Band), Dr. Shannon Westin, Dr. Matthew Katz, Dr. Stephanie Blank and Lisa M Guzzardi, RN.

You may find the transcript here and analytics here

Some of the questions and responses during the chat are below:

T1: Pls comment on the study at SGO you found of most note. Was it OC FANG vaccine/ GOG 213 studies/ other?

T2: Which ovarian cancer research results are most exciting to you? Immunotherapy? Bevacizumab? Parp inhibitors?

T3: Pls discuss the implications of Dr Joura’s HPV study on cervical cancer & the Circulating Tumor Cells / Bevacizumab study. 

@gyncsm: studies re: BRCA 1) majority of BRCA carriers don’t have family hx 2) most ovarian cancer patients don’t know BRCA status.  
T4: How will these BRCA studies impact surveillance, ed, treatment?

T5: Now we open the chat for questions from our participants re: news they heard from the SGO mtg.

  • T5: any studies reveal benefit regarding endo ca recvng maint chemo Stage IIIc2 currently NED     A:Nothing yet - we need more maintenance studies for gynecologic cancers
  • T5: Question - any radiation oncology news from SGO?   A:there was very little major research on #radonc this year
  • T5: Does current genetic testing for #OC include mutations like TP53,RAD51D,etc ? Or just BRCA?Is this imp ?   A:#gyncsm panel testing test for many more mutations. should speak w genetic counselor. some is imp, some for future #sgo2015   
  • T5:Thoughts on how should patients/loved ones approach new study findings?   A:Open mindedness and always validate its credibility too

Our next chat will be at 9pm EST on May 13, 2015 . We will be joined by Kelly Mellott (@HelomicsCancer) as we discuss Personalized Medicine Advances for GYN Cancers. 

Patients & caregivers are invited to continue our discussion on the Smart Patients platform at

Co-moderator #gyncsm chat

Resources shared during the chat: 

Highlights from the SGO Mtg

@SGO_org paper on end-points in Clinical trials

Incidental power morcellation of malignancy: a retrospective cohort study. - PubMed - NCBI

Association of Type and Location of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations With Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Advanced Cervical Cancer and Circulating Tumor Cells treated with Bevacizumab

Postmenopausal HRT & use of estradiol plus levonorgestrel IUD is assoc with increased risk of fallopian tube cancer

Additional Resources:

SGO Highlights:

OncLive “overall survival (OS) of nearly 5 months compared with chemotherapy alone for women with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer, according to results from the phase III GOG0213: “

Surgeon vs CT results of size of tumors left behind.

Fosbretabulin /Avastin
OXiGENE Announces Presentation of Phase 2 Data Confirming That Addition of Fosbretabulin to Bevacizumab Significantly Increases Progression-Free Survival in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer


IP chemo advantages

Recommendations for the prevention of ovarian cancer : SGO

PARP inhibitor - olaparib (Lynparza)

diagnostic tool- bracaAnalysis

FANG vaccine trial / Immunotherapy

Endometrial Cancer -Cediranib

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