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Care Beyond Medical Care- February 11, 2015 chat

We were so pleased to have Reimagine (@reimagine_me) with us for this month's Care Beyond Care Chat. Reimagine ( helps people thrive following a cancer diagnosis through skills training, community, a magazine & an "online university".  Sophia Kercher (@sophiakercher), editor at @Reimagine_ME's magazine and Cindy Finch (@5thstepofcancer ), clinical therapist, instructor and writer at Reimagine also joined the chat.

Forty-four participants tweeted 534 Tweets in the hour. Additional analytics can be found here and the chat transcript can be found here

These questions guided our discussion:

T1: Many patients feel they lose control of their life while in treatment. What can help? What did you do to take control? 

T2: Did you pamper yourself while in treatment? What did you do? What did others do for you? Tips for those in treatment now? 

T3A: Dealing with a gyn cancer can cause stress. What things do you find helpful in reducing stress? What are some resources?
T3B. Did you ever feel pressured to be "happy" and "positive" ? How did you respond to people who said you needed to be.

T4: Feeling sad & experiencing depression is common for survivors. What helps you deal w/these feelings? Did you bring up w/ doctor?

Please scroll down for a list of resources shared during our chat. 

Remember that patients & caregivers are invited to continue our discussion on the Smart Patients platform at .

Mark your calendar for next month's chat No One Ever Told Me... on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 9pm EST.  See you then. 



"A problem with how we treat cancer -- and how to fix it” by Cindy Finch

Reimagine Resources:
Reduce your Stress with Meditation:
9 Reasons to Meditate:
Finding a New Normal with Cancer:
Why Self Care Isn't Self Indulgent:
5 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself When You're a Caregiver:
Things to Do When You're Stuck at Home:
3 Ways to Feel Great About your Body in 2015:
Basic Training- 9 class course in resiliency skills:
Yoga Might Heal-Scientists Say So!:

Journal Articles:
A Literature Review of the Social & Psychological Needs of Ovarian Cancer Survivors

Resilience, Positive Coping, & QOL Among Women Newly Diagnosed With Gynecologic Cancer :

Quality of Life in Platinum-Sensitive Recurrent #Ovarian Cancer: Chemotherapy Versus Surgery + Chemotherapy

Quality of life and patient-reported outcomes in #endometrialcancer clinical trials: a call for action! 

Improving quality of life in female cancer survivors: current status and future questions. @drdonsdizon

Quality of Life in #OvarianCancer Treatment and Survivorship
American Psychosocial Oncology Society @APOSHQ info, helpline & resources

The Road To Resilience via @APA

Can We Maximize Both Value and Quality in Gynecologic Cancer Care? A Work in Progress @ASCO

Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs Report

Cervical Cancer Survivorship: Long-term Quality of Life and Social Support.

Profiles in Oncology Social Media Series: @DrMarkham & the #gyncsm chat

Other online information:
How Not To Say the Wrong Thing- Ring Theory of Kvetching: Comfort in, Dump out.

Stress Relievers: Tips to Tame Stress: @MayoClinic

Example of UPMC's Survivorship Program: (PDF) 

Cancer Depression / PTSD Info from @cancerdotnet

Support Connection Announces Its Next Book Group For Women With Cancer | The Yorktown Daily Voice

Vulvar cancer fact sheet via @NCICancerStats :

The Human Side of Cancer
Happiness in the Storm


Trips for Young Adults: @FirstDescents@athletes4cancer 
Music for Meditation:

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