Friday, July 25, 2014

Empowering Women in Their Gyn Health

Christina (@btrfly12) and I (@womenofteal) had the pleasure of being a part of the #patientchat today lead by @patientchat (  The topic was Empowering Women in their Gyn Health. We spoke about starting the #gyncsm chat and what we learned from those chats. We also shared information about the symptoms of gyn cancers, screening tests for cervical cancer and the pelvic exam controversy.

The complete transcript can be found here.

We appreciate the opportunity to share information about gyn cancers with the #patientchat audience.


Chemo Angels

A fresh Chapter tips for survivorship

Cancer Care @cancercare
LiveSTRONG @livestrong
Cancer Support Community  @cancersupportcm

The Cancer Olympics Robin McGee

Clinical trials:

Patient Experience  with clinical trial ( not cancer)

HPV information:

Hereditary Cancer Quiz

Gyn Cancer Blog List

Gyn Cancer Symptoms

Symptom Diary

Article – More Than 60% of Ovarian Cancer Patients Do Not Receive Recommended Treatment

Pelvic Exam Articles:
Doctors Group Advises Against Regular Pelvic Exams via @nytimes
The Dispute Over Annual Pelvic Exams via @nytimes
What You Need to Know About New Pelvic Exam Guidelines via @TodayShow
Healthy Women Do Not Need Routine Pelvic Exams via @washingtonpost
Most Women Don’t Need Regular Pelvic Exams via @USNews

Hereditary Cancer Signs blog


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