Thursday, May 29, 2014

Long Term Ovarian Cancer Study

In case you missed our mention of this study during May's tweet chat we wanted to help spread the word about the Long Term Ovarian Cancer Study. Here are the highlights:

The Study is being done by The Consortium for Long-Term Survival (A Department of Defense-Funded Project , Massachusetts General Hospital , Michael Birrer PI, Lari Wenzel Co-PI). The goal of the study is to identify molecular, cellular and quality of life patterns that are similar in women initially diagnosed with Stage III or IV who achieve long term survival ( 10+ years) and different women who did not survive long term.  The information learned will help to develop new therapies and diagnostic tools for ovarian cancer.

The aims as presented in the project description are:

  • Evaluate the genomic features in long-term versus short-term survivors. All cases will also be analyzed for the presence of immune cells and a correlation between these immune cells and genomic features will be studied. This aim will use material collected with the support of other DoD grants to identify biomarkers of ovarian cancers.
  • Validate a genomic signature that can predict whether a cancer will re-occur after treatment. This aim leverages an ongoing DoD-funded project that focuses on generating a genomic signature that distinguishes recurrent from non-recurrent early-stage, advanced stage ovarian cancers.
  •  Determine the extent to which quality of life measures predict long-term survival of patients with advanced stage ovarian cancer.
  • Examine, as an exploratory aim, the potential relationship between quality of life and genomic features predicting disease recurrence.
Survivors who were diagnosed late stage and are close to 10 years from diagnosis may be eligible. Also survivors who recurred during that 10 year period may also be eligible.

I     If you are interested in this project and want to know more about it, feel free to contact the project coordinator, Giulia Fulci, at: Email; Tel (617) 643-5130

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