Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News from the Annual SGO Meeting- April Chat

The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists met in Florida at the end of March for their annual meeting. During tonight's chat we asked the doctors and researchers these questions:

T1a: What SGO presentation did you find of most interest?

T1b: What SGO presentation do you think will interest patients most? What were some of the studies of note?

T2: In what areas is new research lacking? 

T3: Is there anything patients/survivors/advocates need to take immediate note of?

T4: Were there other session topics that resonated for you?

You can find the transcript of the night's talk here and analytics here.

Links for studies mentioned during the chat:

High volume cancer centers have better outcomes for gyn cancer pts; >1 year overall survival (OS)

Risk of high risk uterine cancer in BRCA patients -

Smarca4 in hypercalcemic type small cell ovary cancer

BRCA1 link to higher risk of aggressive uterine cancer

"Cancer doesn’t end women’s sex life” 

Obese women who had bariatric surgery 3 ½ times less likely to get uterine cancer than without surgery

JAMA paper on electric morcellation risks 

SGO had a position statement in Dec 2013 on morcellation too

SGO recommends genetic testing for all women dx w #ovca. even if no family history - a new position paper 

Meeting Abstracts:
SGO website

2014 SGO Mtg surgery & translational science overview 
2014 SGO Mtg #ovarian cancer overview
2014 SGO Mtg #cervical cancer overview
2014 SGO Mtg #uterine cancer overview with @dsmgyo 
World Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8th #WOCD #WorldOvarianCancerDay

Feel free to e-mail us (  or tweet us (@gyncsm)  if you have any questions. 

See you Wednesday May 14, 2014 9pm EST Topic: Parenting after a gyn cancer diagnosis


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